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Address: Jiuding Road, Economic Development Zone on the 11th of Dujiangyan in Sichuan Province
Customer Service: 028-87229158   028-87229756 (fax)
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E-mail: JessicaZhang@zhong-jin.com
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Company Mission: Specialized in supplying Safe,patented and high quality pharma packaging materials. Make pharmacy product safe and patients well-relieved.

Company Values:

Team Work: Friendly and Cooperatives, timely communication, Well-dutied, Company oriented

Result-Oriented: Target located, properly planned, learn and improve timely

Customer-Oriented: Quality stability and timely Service.

Perseverance in innovation: Innovation belief and encouraged to be innovative. Infinite innovation makes company dynamic.

Action in time: Set up immediate action belief and today’s work shall be done today.

Evaluation System: Set up proper evaluation system. Evaluate employees by working performance .

Employee Training: Encouraged to learn by self. Study planned and ensures time. Safety concept must be enforced and company training including production process, safety training must be carried out according to plan.

Protocols: work with regulation, regulation protocol-oriented, protocol improved and enhanced constantly.

Target Control: Budget and control at same time.

Integrity and talents: Integrity first. Personal integrity and talents .Obey company regulation, good sense of company responsibility, team work and constantly study to progress.